A More Efficient, A More Safe, A More Flexible Next-Generation Battery 

A comprehensive core technology & robust R&D system, enables Envision AESC to make huge strides on the next-generation battery, whilst retaining our excellent quality.

Lighter, higher 
energy density

More durable, 
more reliable

Better thermal 
more cost-effective

Envision AESC conforms to IATF 16949 Standard 

Envision AESC adopts IATF 16949 standard in R&D, quality control & manufacturing. We supply global clients with well-proven products, which are continuously improved upon through PDCA method to provide customers with the highest quality, and with the most professional solutions.

Flexible Application - Customization for different demands

Flexible Application - 
Customization for different demands

Envision AESC has a powerful modular design system
to provide customized services to meet customer needs, 
and for new generation products 

Flexible product design

Able to adapt to various battery pack sizes, 
with flexible series-parallel modes

Higher volumetric efficiency

High space utilization efficiency, 
with a greater module energy capability

Greater thermal management

Holds a higher charging and 
discharging power, allowing 
it to adapt to various thermal
management architectures(liquid cooling / air
cooling /heating) 

Same dimension, Flexible configurations.

The same pack size and the same cell, with an energy increase of > 50%

Flexibility with different cars