AIoT battery, 
beyond your imagination

Combining the world's leading battery electrochemical technology with cutting-edge IoT best energy practices, we use intelligent IoT tech. to carry out battery life cycle management optimization and cross-field synergy application. This unlocking the value of electric batteries across their whole life cycle.

AIoT Improves product development efficiency

Accumulating driving data for over 9 years, Envision AESC optimizes a big data formula through AIoT, digitizes battery-use conditions, analyzes each mechanism failure, uses electrochemical simulation to optimize and accelerate the cell design rhythm, predict the battery life under different working conditions, as well as promoting the development of a new generation of products.

Traceability system

Huge data collection enables complete traceability in production

In the battery production process, the system collects and monitors a large number of processes and battery status parameters. The data covers the entire production chain. At the core manufacturing level, each cell has more than 2,000 data collection points. Through monitoring the target data in real time - corresponding to more than 800 quality control projects in the production process, enables traceable data along the entire production chain.

OEM-Level Cooperation in Full Lifespan Battery Management

In the past 12 years, Envision AESC have accumulated huge data and industrial know-how through the cooperation with Nissan, enabling us to provide comprehensive power battery system solutions. 
In the future, we also hope to work with global OEMs to establish full life-cycle data management from battery production to recycling. With this state management, fault warnings are implemented through both cloud and edge computing, to ensure data integrity, safety, performance and longevity for each battery. It will optimize charge and discharge strategies simultaneously, whilst ensuring optimal battery performance and an extended battery life.

Full Life-Cycle Battery Utilization with Streamlined Process & Significantly Reduced Cost

Envision AESC uses AIoT technology to precisely predict each individual cell’s reliability and status by statistical modeling. This can simplify the battery detection and screening processes. It will reduce costs, and will streamline the process (e.g. technology, safety and economical efficiency) of decommissioned battery packs, dis-assembly, detection, classification and repackaging greatly. The cost saving will enable economically-viable battery recycling in commercial building’s intelligent energy storage, industrial parks and homes, and extract more value from ‘retired’ batteries.