Global Production Consistent Quality

Envision AESC is headquartered in Japan, and has battery production plants in Kanagawa, Japan; Tennessee, USA and Sunderland, UK. China is the fourth production & R&D base.

Envision AESC Global Capacity

7.5 GWh+20 GWh 

We produce batteries in a non-intrusive, eco-community-friendly manner.

Envision AESC’s factories all integrate seamlessly with the surrounding densely-populated areas; we quietly pioneer the future whilst respecting our neighbours and the environment.

Based on the Envision Group’s Intelligent IoT Operating System and EnOS™, along with distributed wind turbines, solar PV and energy storage, our Jiangyin Plant is a smart green factory, driven by renewable energy to make battery manufacturing cleaner.

Global standard + Local Insight Provide global OEMs with advanced solutions.

As a three-phase-project, the new set up of the production and R&D base in China, aims to manufacture lithium-ion batteries (GEN5-811) with a full annual production capacity of 20GWh. The new plant will be able to supply approximately 400,000 electric vehicles (EVs) per year, delivering EV batteries with robust safety, high energy density, excellent durability, and excellent value. In addition, Envision AESC will be also dedicated to the design and production of other battery-related products. Through AIoT technology, Envision AESC will optimize battery life cycle management and synergize batteries across-field application, to break through the limitations of power in performance, cost, life-cycle, safety and beyond.

We have introduced cutting-edge Japanese automation equipment, to create a high-tech smart plant. From here our intelligent identification and processing technology can aid in achieving a green and environmentally friendly production, as well as ensuring product safety and quality. 
With the proven & tested reliability and record of zero critical malfunctions in 9 years, we are constantly adopting the world’s latest and advanced lithium battery material to achieve industry- leading energy density. Integrate AIoT battery into the global energy IoT ecosystem. 
Energy recuperation system achieves 5 million kWh annual energy savings per GWh capacity